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INBOX You have reached Re-L Mayer. Leave me a message with your name and what you need. Otherwise I will assume it's non-essential and won't bother to call you back. [CLICK] code credit
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I know that you weren't fond of my leadership approach, but you turned out to be a valuable asset down on Oros and I wanted to say that I appreciated that. And that I hope your arm heals quickly.
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[ the first line just about gets carolina giving up on the conversation, fed up with the attitude immediately. but re-l continues, thankfully. ]

I don't buy that they didn't know either. But we knew we were running on limited intel before we left the ship. They were always keeping something from us.
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To say the least. We went into that way too blind. I thought maybe they were trying to test new arrivals for something but I see now that they just didn't want to risk getting their hands dirty.
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Hopefully none of the aliens we encountered passed on descriptions of us before we killed them. Maybe if we just don't broadcast who was down on that mission they won't know where exactly to point the blame.
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Or there's more they think they get get from the aliens than just the artifact and whatever the Gamma missions entailed. They weren't going to get off the planet on their own. Eluvio could have left them all there to die and wouldn't have had to answer to the trilk/fek.
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Who knows. Maybe that relic is biolocked to trilk.
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Maybe they don't have to be willing. Maybe that's exactly the plan. We don't know what lengths command will go to for their own goals yet. Current evidence isn't in their favour.
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I did. They did the standard decon but I don't know how sensitive their equipment is to radioactivity. If you're worried about I would get in touch with medical.
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No shit.

You're used to it and my armour has protection against radiation. If no one is acutely ill from this I'm sure not worried about myself. I guess we'll keep an eye on the rest of Alpha/Beta for long term effects. I don't know if they'd all think to worry about it.
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I was just going to look for obvious signs of radiation poisoning. Nothing fancy.
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If that does happen I guess we'll find out what the medical technology here is like. The hard way.
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I'll keep it in mind.

[ she could drop the conversation there, carolina knows. there's nothing else she actually has to say to re-l. but if they wind up working together again... well, she adds another message a moment later. ]

Who knows when everything's going to hell again next. Rest up while you can.
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You don't have to be good at it. You just have to do it.
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Being bedridden isn't necessary. Just don't be stupid.
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Call it wishful thinking.
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private text; backdated 2/28; user: katsuki

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Hopefully this made it to the right person. Re-L? If you're seeing this, could we meet up again? I wanted to talk to you about something.
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Do you have time now?

I don't think the coffee shop is an option this time, though. It's probably closed like some of the Shopping Center is.
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[Ahhh he knew he should've worded that differently! Yuuri quickly types out a response, forgoing proper grammar in his haste.]

Oh no I didn't mean RIGHT NOW just soon
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The Atrium sounds fine, though. I heard some of the civilians have set up extra lamps in there so it isn't so dark and gloomy looking now.
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Yes. We can meet down by the Atrium entrance.

Be careful while you're heading over.
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If that's the ONLY thing you're having trouble with, you're a lot better off than I am. [Not that he's surprised about this at all.] And thanks. I'll see you there.

[In the dim lighting of the emergency lights, it's difficult not to feel jumpy. Could anyone blame him? There's already been a few victims on board, with no answer about their killer yet, and Yuuri's become all too aware of how little he can actually do to defend himself. At least Re-L's promise to let him know about any delays helps to keep his anxiety from spiking immediately.

He's tense as he waits outside of the Atrium, one hand gripping the defense baton in his pocket tightly whenever Re-L arrives.]
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[He's thankful for the warning, jumpy as he is at the moment. Yuuri gives her a wave back, then pulls the baton out of his pocket, smiling weakly.]

I...I've got this now? Carolina's teaching me how to use it. She did suggest getting a pistol, but...

[His voice trails off as he practically clings to the baton in his hands. Even without him outright saying it, it's obvious how uncomfortable Yuuri is at the idea of having a gun.]
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I-- [Practically squirming with discomfort, Yuuri avoids her gaze, voice dropping low.] I'll think about it. Can I call you about it later?

[He lets the baton sit across his palms as he frowns down at it.] I think it is. We've only been working on the basics so far, though. [As inexperienced as he is handling weapons like this, Yuuri's convinced he would only end up shocking himself until he gained some familiarity with the baton.]
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[How very like her, from Yuuri's experience. He manages a small smile, glad to know that's stayed the same.]

I was just wondering what you thought about the deaths. [His eyes scan their surroundings nervously, as he's still unable to mask his emotions very well.] I'm surprised the Captain and his crew haven't said anything about them yet.

[...actually, nah, he's not really that surprised, to be honest. The Captain hasn't exactly made an effort to reach out to them before, even after Oros. So why would he now?]
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[Nowadays, it takes longer for him to lose his patience, but the annoyed sigh he gives right then hints he's already at the end of his rope.] At this point, I'd be more shocked if he actually showed up. There's been many opportunities for him to talk to us--after Oros, when the power went out, and now the deaths.

[Yuuri's shoulders slump, as if the burst of anger's taken all of his energy with it.] He's ignored every message I've sent him, too.

What? [He gasps when she goes into her own concerns. It's alarming, and making him even more jumpy when he conaiders what it might mean.] The alpha and beta team members are going missing?

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text | un: carolina | forward-dated to late march 9

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When's the next time you're going to be back to your room? I have something to leave for you.
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Just give me an estimation.
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[ and no, she's not answering any of re-l's questions. when the girl gets back to room though, there'll be an uninteresting looking box outside her door. inside are a pair of black boots with thick soles on them, and while they're not perfectly sleek, carolina's managed to find a pair that don't look too clunky. with them comes an information booklet and instructions on how to pair controls for the magnetic locks to re-l's ship-issued communicator.

on the back of the instructions is a handwritten note: ]

One less thing to worry about. -C
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text; 6/3; user: katsuki

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[It takes a few days for Yuuri to notice anything's amiss, too exhausted from the mission to do anything but recover and try to keep up with his busy schedule. Once he does, though, he immediately messages Re-L.]

Hey, have you heard from Carolina at all since we got back?
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private text; un: Sly Blue

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Sorry, I don't... really know how to call the police but... I saw you were listed as a detective.

There's this suspicious person trying to lure people in to be their guinea pigs for some weird drug!

Can you please look into this?
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[ Oh, Aoba... did you think you could just report a crime without being involved? ]

What kind of assistance are we talking about? I just work salvage, I'm not a detective or guard or anything.
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abort plotting, the only options aoba was given were not something i'd play

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[ Hnnngh, he thought he was done with this sort of thing. ]

I'm sorry.

I don't think I can do it. It's too much. I mean, I'll try to help however I can but...