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INBOX You have reached Re-L Mayer. Leave me a message with your name and what you need. Otherwise I will assume it's non-essential and won't bother to call you back. [CLICK] code credit
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text | un: carolina | forward-dated to late march 9

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When's the next time you're going to be back to your room? I have something to leave for you.
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Just give me an estimation.
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[ and no, she's not answering any of re-l's questions. when the girl gets back to room though, there'll be an uninteresting looking box outside her door. inside are a pair of black boots with thick soles on them, and while they're not perfectly sleek, carolina's managed to find a pair that don't look too clunky. with them comes an information booklet and instructions on how to pair controls for the magnetic locks to re-l's ship-issued communicator.

on the back of the instructions is a handwritten note: ]

One less thing to worry about. -C