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INBOX You have reached Re-L Mayer. Leave me a message with your name and what you need. Otherwise I will assume it's non-essential and won't bother to call you back. [CLICK] code credit
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No shit.

You're used to it and my armour has protection against radiation. If no one is acutely ill from this I'm sure not worried about myself. I guess we'll keep an eye on the rest of Alpha/Beta for long term effects. I don't know if they'd all think to worry about it.
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I was just going to look for obvious signs of radiation poisoning. Nothing fancy.
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If that does happen I guess we'll find out what the medical technology here is like. The hard way.
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I'll keep it in mind.

[ she could drop the conversation there, carolina knows. there's nothing else she actually has to say to re-l. but if they wind up working together again... well, she adds another message a moment later. ]

Who knows when everything's going to hell again next. Rest up while you can.
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You don't have to be good at it. You just have to do it.
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Being bedridden isn't necessary. Just don't be stupid.
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Call it wishful thinking.