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INBOX You have reached Re-L Mayer. Leave me a message with your name and what you need. Otherwise I will assume it's non-essential and won't bother to call you back. [CLICK] code credit
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I know that you weren't fond of my leadership approach, but you turned out to be a valuable asset down on Oros and I wanted to say that I appreciated that. And that I hope your arm heals quickly.
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Hopefully this made it to the right person. Re-L? If you're seeing this, could we meet up again? I wanted to talk to you about something.
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When's the next time you're going to be back to your room? I have something to leave for you.
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[It takes a few days for Yuuri to notice anything's amiss, too exhausted from the mission to do anything but recover and try to keep up with his busy schedule. Once he does, though, he immediately messages Re-L.]

Hey, have you heard from Carolina at all since we got back?
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Sorry, I don't... really know how to call the police but... I saw you were listed as a detective.

There's this suspicious person trying to lure people in to be their guinea pigs for some weird drug!

Can you please look into this?